Our mission is defending mankind from disease and making sure you live and cherish every moment of your life

About Us
For us, healthcare is not business, it’s a passion. The core passion of A Square Remedies is introducing and marketing innovative and research based products for better health of mankind. The facilities utilized for manufacturing of our products have WHO GMP certification and comply USFDA, UKMHRA GMP norms. We shall strive to fulfill our objective of treating disease and saving lives worldwide by dedicating ourselves to manufacturing and marketing pharmaceutical products with strong emphasis on quality and we will strive to achieve highest standards of quality. ZERO DEFECT and ZERO COMPROMISE in quality is our policy.
Our Products
Mission Vision
A Square Remedies company has core focus on Cardiology, CNS — Central Nervous System, Diabetics, Gastroenterology Oncology, Anti Tuberculosis & Anti HIV treatment therapies. Our motto is to strive for excellence in our fields of expertise to make a true difference in patients’ lives. At A Square Remedies is committed to develop and market highest quality pharmaceuticals. We strongly believe in the fact that all patients taking our medications, arbitrary of where they are located, are entitled to the highest quality pharmaceutical products.
Global Presense

India, Russia, Ukraine, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Moldova, Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan